Cool! If you really want to start, send me a DM on my Instagram! I'll help you to start and give you some advice :)
But first, I have something to tell you..
If you discovered this opportunity throught my Instagram or from Messenger, you may have read my story, wich can be inspiring for some people, and sounds like impossible for some other.

You could notice that my english isn't very well, and that's not the only imperfection I have, we all have imperfections and false believes which prevent us to go fordward, school may have taught you that you must find a job and be happy with it, even if it's a shitty job, you have a job, keep it! This is what school teach you, but have you ever thought about this? Do people who makes a lot of money have a 9-5 job, or do they have their own business? Do the school teach you how to create your own business? Hell no! They want you to work, work, work and die. That's not your fault if you are thinking this way, because it's the only way you know, no one taught you the other way, that's why I want you to stop thinking like everyone if you want to have different results than everyone. I know that only a small % of people reading this will send me a DM and take action, because others haven't the time, because it need a little investment, because they are affraid. That's the difference between people making a lot of money, and people earning 1000$/month, excuses. Now, if you want to take action, and just find 3 people, I mean, what is 3 people? Nothing. or you could even find 10,20,100,200, what stops you? 4 people I helped 2 months ago are now making 15 000$/month EACH. So, just take action, waiting for DM of people interested ONLY.